Team MagMa keep their DPC China League Upper Division slot, iG.Vitality Dust to replace zc

After qualifying for the first season of Dota Pro Circuit China Regional League, Team MagMa were forced to change their mid lane player in order to keep their spot.

Unfortunately, upon their arrival in Shanghai at the Perfect World location for the DPC League, the team was anonymously tipped off with information regarding Chen “zc” Xiaofeng’s involvement in match-fixing during one of the 2020 online events.  After discussing with the player, Team magma co-owner, Chen “Zhou” Yao was able to confirm the allegation and announced his removal from the roster.

Although Zc’s misconduct happened in June 2020, before joining MagMa, given the nature of his wrongdoing, MagMa had to wait a decision coming from Valve and Perfect World regarding their spot earned in the Upper Division of China DPC League. The decision came on January 13 and was announced on the official Dota 2 Weibo page stating that MagMa are allowed to play in the Upper Division with the condition of replacing the player.

With the decision made public and just two days to go before the DPC kicks off, MagMa announced this weekend the 21 year old mid laner Zhou “Dust” Shiyuan to have joined the team from iG.Vitality, where he spent the last two years. Along with all other MagMa members, Dust will make his DPC debut on the 19th of January when he will play on LAN, on the PWD stage against EHOME.

While having to replace a player mere days before the League starts is definitely a setback for any team, Dust has previously played with both of the current MagMa supports and hopefully the past experiences will help them find the synergy that they need at a faster rate.

 Dust has already arrived in Shanghai and has joined the team for a meet and greet session with the fans.

Team MagMa roster from position 1 to 5:

  • Tang “k” Kaiwen
  • Zhou “Dust” Shiyuan
  • Jiang “Tzy” Bo
  • Li “mianmian” Zimeng
  • Chen “Kazz” Kai

headline picture: Perfect World

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