Team Envy swept 100 Thieves to win NSG VALORANT First Strike qualifier

Team Envy have been crowned champions of the second North American First Strike qualifier with a grand final win over 100 Thieves. Envy join previous winners Cloud9 Blue as the two teams coming out with the top seeds heading into First Strike event.

This event delivered in terms of upsets with 100 Thieves surprising many with back-to-back wins over TSM and Sentinels, two of the teams considered to be in contention for the top spot in the region.

Cloud9 Blue also saw an earlier exit than expected after their previous events success as they fell to Renegades.

When the dust had settled, Envy was poised to take on the 100 Thieves lineup in a battle of former Counter-Strike professionals. Envy came out of the gate in dominant fashion as they 13-2’d Spencer “Hiko” Martin’s side. The second map would be much closer but ultimately also go the way of Envy and set the best-of-five series on match point.

Going up big through the second half, Envy once again showed their strength as they gave up only five rounds on their way to a 13-5 victory and series sweep 3-0.

You can find the final placements below:

Placement  Team
1st Team Envy
2nd 100 Thieves
Top 4 Renegades
Top 4 Sentinels
Top 8 Cloud9 Blue
Top 8 Complexity Gaming
Top 8 T1
Top 8 TSM
Top 12  Luminosity Gaming
Top 12  Gen.G Esports
Top 12  Dignitas
Top 12  The Slimy Boogermen
Top 16  XSET
Top 16  Equinox Esports
Top 16  Spot Up
Top 16  Built By Gamers

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