T1 will take legal action against those who threat and harass their players and families

One of the most legendary Korean Esports organizations, T1, is lately struggling with a classic scourge in the internet world: harassment.

T1 is not having its best year. They were kicked out of the LCK Summer Playoffs very soon and now their chances to qualify for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship are not the best. Many of those threats and harassment comments have come right after some lost series by Faker‘s team, like the series against Afreeca Freecs, where they were smashed, but nothing justifies this kind of behavior from anyone in the community.

There is no excuse for that, and this topic is something that some of us are tired of dealing with. South Korea is nowadays pretty sensitive about harassment on the internet since some top-level athletes committed suicide this same year at very young ages due to the messages they were receiving, and some Esports organizations are taking action here.

A clear example of it is T1 themselves. For several months, the Korean team has been releasing announcements and messages condemning any toxic behavior against their players and staff, and warning that legal action may be taken against those who are caught committing this kind of stuff.

Today, once again, the legendary organization was forced to make a new announcement with new threats to the toxic scum:

A Message from @T1

— T1 LoL (@T1LoL) September 3, 2020

As we can see in the communication, not only the players and staff but also their families are receiving threats.

Faker himself, he received a message through a donation alert that was mocking on their loss and mentioning Faker’s grandmother, who can easily be the closest relative to the mid laner and a big fan of her grandson’s team.

The situation is becoming quite critical. More T1 players are being threatened live on their streaming sessions, through messages that everyone can see, and this harassment situation is affecting T1 people both mentally and professionally.

That is why T1’s CEO Joe Marsh had to address the issue and claim, once again, that the team is definitely going to take legal action on this issue, in order to protect all the victims… and this time they will do for real.

We asked nicely a few weeks back. We said we would take action. We said we would do anything to protect our players, coaches and staff. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

— Joe Marsh (@JoeMar) September 3, 2020

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