Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 to have 6 DLC characters

Nintendo has officially unveiled the second Fighters Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and fans learned that they’re getting one more character than last time.

Six more characters will be added to the game instead of five like in the first Fighters Pass, bringing the total number of DLC fighters to 12 when you include Pirahna Plant, the early purchase free fIghter added when the game came out in late 2018.

The DLC Fighters Pass will be available to purchase starting on Jan. 28. Anyone who purchases the Fighters Pass will get an exclusive Link Mii Fighter costume to use from the get-go.

Just like last time, we have no clue who the six DLC fighters will be until Nintendo reveals them at future events, like E3. But if the last Fighters Pass is anything to go by, we should expect the unexpected.

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