Sony could reveal the PlayStation 5 as early as next month

With Microsoft’s Xbox Series X shown to the world last month, the gaming industry has been awaiting the return-fire from Sony’s PlayStation 5—and the wait might not be for much longer.

To celebrate “25 years of Play,” Sony is kicking off a month-long “Experience PlayStation” celebration at Sony Square in New York City tomorrow. The celebration ends next month on Feb. 16, when rumors point to a reveal for the PS5, which could come in the days following.

Jeremy Conrad on Twitter

Sony is kicking off a month-long “Experience PlayStation” event at Sony Square in NYC tomorrow. It ends next month, when a rumored PlayStation Meeting might take place to reveal the #PS5:

This would line up with the reveal of the PS4, which also took place in February before releasing months later. The PS4 was shown off in a livestream on Feb. 21, 2013 and it hit shelves that November.

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