Solid Limited removal with Theros: Beyond Death Drag to the Underworld

Black has two solid picks in Theros: Beyond Death Limited with Drag to the Underworld and Final Death.

Drag to the Underworld isn’t as good as Murder or Cast Down, but it’ll hold up in Theros: Beyond Death (THB) Limited. It’s a four-mana card creature removal card that uses the mechanic Devotion to reduce its casting cost.

Cast Down is turn-two playable but Drag to the Underworld isn’t. And Murderous Rider takes out a planeswalker or creature. Drag to the Underworld most likely won’t see a ton of play in Standard Constructed or other Magic formats. But in Limited Draft, it’s a solid Aggro removal spell on turn three. 

The only downfall to Drag to the Underworld is that THB is heavily focused on graveyard shenanigans. An opponent might not mind having a small Aggro creature removed from the battlefield when it can be used as fuel for a card with the Escape mechanic later in a match.

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