Smash Ultimate version 10.1.0 adds multi-hit fixes and other minor buffs – Daily Esports

Sephiroth is now available to download in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (even for those who couldn’t beat the Sephiroth challenge). The Smash Ultimate version 10.1.0 patch naturally also included a handful of balance changes.

Compared with the previous patch, the balance changes in this update were relatively minor. It seems the main purpose of this update was to make multi-hit moves more reliably connect with themselves. Fox, Luigi, Zelda, Young Link, Toon Link, Rosalina & Luma, and Duck Hunt all received fixes to their multi-hit moves.

The biggest winner of Smash Ultimate version 10.1.0 appears to be Fox. Not only do his forward-air and down-air multi-hits connect more reliably, but both attacks also have more range now. Though many players already considered Fox to be a top-tier character, he lacks strong representation in online tournaments. However, this buff may help him to return to prominence in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s metagame.

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A few other characters also received helpful buffs in Smash Ultimate version 10.1.0. Both Pichu and Zelda now have more range on the final hits of their forward smashes. In addition, it is now harder to SDI out of the first and second hits of Duck Hunt’s forward smash.

The range of Rosalina’s forward-air changed, decreasing above the hemline of her skirt, but increasing on the attack’s final hit. This patch adjusted the launch angle of Mii Gunner’s up throw, and increased the range of the shot that comes after the throw. Finally, Olimar can attack out of his Up-B after throwing a Pikmin as long as there are other Pikmin nearby.

Notably, Smash Ultimate version 10.1.0 does not appear to have introduced any online improvements like the last patch did. Given how minor the changes in this patch were overall, some Smash community members believe there won’t be any more major balance updates in the future.

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