Smash Summit 9 will feature 18 players and a new format

Smash Summit has been one of the staple events each year for competitive Super Smash Bros. But even the stalwarts must eventually change or face fading away, which is exactly what the ninth iteration of the Melee event is working to avoid as it fills your Valentine’s Day weekend. 

None of the core concepts of the tournament are changing for Smash Summit 9, but the format is going to be a bit different with more players and earlier eliminations for some of the bottom finishers. 

Beyond the Smash on Twitter

A new year means a new format for #SmashSummit 9… with 18 players attending, two groups of swiss, and two players being eliminated before the final day! 😱

The first change is the addition of two extra players, bringing the total up from 16 to 18 entrants. This will give two more players the chance to come out to the event and showcase their play in a limited bracket where the spotlight is split among all of the competitors. It’ll also allow them to grow their personal brand through the actual bracket and all of the side content. 

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