Shuntaro Furukawa: Nintendo won't release new Switch model in 2020

The rumor mill can finally stop churning out new theories about when the Nintendo Switch “Pro” will launch in 2020, because Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa just told investors the company has no plans to launch a new model of the console this year. 

People have been clamoring for new information on a potential upgraded version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console for years now, but it appears the Switch Lite launching last year and being a huge success has made the company’s plans pretty clear. 

“Regarding Nintendo Switch, we believe that it is important to continue to communicate the appeal of both Nintendo Switch systems and expand the installed base,” Furukawa said. “Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020.”

Normally, this could be played off as Furukawa responding to a question or making sure the news stays quiet until the company is ready to reveal its new project. But his statement on the matter comes directly from a presentation to Nintendo’s investors, which means there is almost no way he backtracks on it. 

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