Shroud is uncertain if VALORANT can surpass CS:GO

Since Riot Games revealed its upcoming FPS VALORANT this week, there have been a lot of comparisons between it and other established shooters, mainly CS:GO.

Former CS:GO pro and popular streamer shroud shared his own take on VALORANT yesterday on his stream. Shroud doesn’t know how huge VALORANT will be from a viewing perspective since the game isn’t as straightforward as CS:GO.

“Put Counter-Strike as an example,” shroud said. “Flashbang goes off, OK, smoke goes off, OK, guns are being bought. Here [VALORANT], it’s like another level. Guns are being bought, abilities are being bought, utilities being bought, and characters do stuff.”

Shroud thinks VALORANT will be successful but he isn’t sure if it can surpass CS:GO.

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