Sett player uses Showstopper on a Cho'Gath with Gargoyle's Stoneplate, gets instant triple kill

Never pick a fight you can’t win.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. It’s an old saying that’s quite literal in the case of League of Legends‘ resident mob boss, Sett, and his explosive ultimate. In fact, one player was able to show this off yesterday by using Showstopper on a tanky Cho’Gath, taking the Terror of the Void right into their own team.

Sett’s Showstopper ultimate lets him suppress the target champion while he runs forward, picks them up, and slams them into the ground. Enemies within the impact area take physical damage plus a percentage of the target champion’s bonus health—damage is reduced by up to 40 percent if enemies are at the edge and all are slowed by 99 percent for a second.

In the clip, Sett’s team was losing convincingly. He only had two kills to his eight deaths and the rest of his team wasn’t doing too hot, either. The Cho’Gath on the enemy team, however, seemed to forget that the tankier you are, the more damage Sett’s ultimate will do to the rest of your team. Here’s what happens when a 5,000 health Cho’Gath with Gargoyle’s Stoneplate gets slammed into a team full of squishy targets:

Zyra and Miss Fortune were both at full health, while Fizz sat at around 25 percent health—and all of them were wiped off the face of Summoner’s Rift in one fell swoop. He also healed 1,649 HP back through his Conqueror rune and Spirit Visage, which allowed him to punch Cho’Gath to death right after. It was a dream ultimate for Sett but a nightmare for the enemy team.

Unfortunately, this situation only helped prolong the game out for a bit more. Sett’s team still ended up losing the game with the enemy Fizz collecting 21 kills by the end of the match. By correctly positioning yourself against a Sett, you can easily prevent situations like this from happening.

But still, this was a fun interaction that was luckily captured on video and undoubtedly gave this group of friends a quick laugh in the face of defeat.

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