Sett Champion Guide: How to Play Sett in League of Legends

Sett, League of Legends’ first champion of 2020, touched down fist-first into the top lane of Summoner’s Rift from the Ionian criminal underworld, bringing with him a little vastayan swagger and a whole lot of Noxian grit.

Sett is a punch-your-way-through-your-problems juggernaut through and through, and while the Vi comparisons write themselves, he is more suited to being a top laner than his mechanically-gauntleted counterpart. Indeed, there are gap closers and tools in his kit that would allow him to clear the jungle with relative ease, but neither are as strong as top-tier jungle champions.

Additionally, despite being a resourceless champion, his shortest rank-one cooldown is nine seconds, which could present sustain issues in the jungle that wouldn’t rear their heads quite as much in lane. His Q, E, and R abilities all provide crowd control or mobility of some kind, but are much more for engaging and staying in the middle of fights as opposed to providing safety or escapes.

All that being said, the Boss has seen rising success rates in the jungle in the short time since his release, and there’s a school of thought that says any champion can work in the jungle with a few well-placed wards, good macro play, and enough communication.

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