Save- on team status: “We are not a tier one team yet” captain, Vitalie “Save-” Melnic talked about his team in an official interview released on the organization’s YouTube channel and pointed out that having a successful start in an online only season is not enough to consider VP a tier one team.

Despite ending the year with the EPIC League title claimed in a dominant fashion, while also having a few other good placements in the 2020 online season, Save- pointed out that the whole team has still a lot of work to do and that none of the players have enough LAN experience to consider themselves tier one calibre.

 “We are all moving towards a common goal: to become a tier one team,“ said Save-  who added that there is a lot of room for improvement as a team, but also on individual level. “To become a tier one player, you need a lot of LAN experience, you need experience in various game situations, you need to play a lot of tournaments. Overall, I think we still need to develop as players. There are small steps that we need to climb, each of us as professional players in order to become tier one,” he explained.

In the same interview, Save- revealed a few less known facts about the rules they follow as a team and the fines applied individually if someone breaks them. 

For instance, he said that everyone will get a fine if they don’t play at least one public game before an official match or even a scrim session. “It’s necessary for any player to be warmed up, otherwise, why even play a scrim game if people are simply not ready to play it?” Save- said, emphasizing the importance they put on practice matches with other professional teams.

Speaking about how many pub games they actually have to play on a daily basis, Save- said that initially, during the first bootcamp, they had a minimum of eight games mandatory, but later on, the whole team decided to lower the number to six pub games per day.

Fines are also applied inside the VP bootcamp to those who are loud after 4 a.m Save- said, adding  that this rule is mainly concerning him and Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko, who are the only ones staying up that late. captain also revealed that all the money collected from fines are not going to the organization, but they are in fact donated to a shelter or a charity cause. The interview with Save- conducted in Russian, can be watched fully HERE.

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