Rutgers to Officially Open Esports Facility Upon Students’ Return

Rutgers University said this week that its esports program has seen continued growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Rutgers Esports president Seth Santos noting that the program has “largely been able to operate unimpeded.” The university’s esports program has over 2.8K members using its platform to play and compete in various titles.

When the students return to school, they’ll have access to a dedicated space for esports. Rutgers also revealed that the new Rutgers Esports Center will officially open when students are able to return to campus. The center will feature 60 gaming PCs and setups, a virtual reality station, and a broadcast studio as well as a lounge area for players to review matches and strategize.

According to director Michael Fay, former director of esports and head coach at The University of Akron, the new space will not only enable Rutgers’ esports teams to train for competition, but give students the ability to gain first-hand experience in all aspects of the esports industry including broadcasting, event management, and live match commentary.

Currently, Rutgers does not offer varsity esports scholarships, but this is a long term goal for the program. However, players are able to compete for scholarship money in various collegiate events and tournaments.

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