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In today’s League of Legends 2021 season update, Lead Producer of the Champions team Ryan “Reav3” Mireles revealed three new League of Legends champions coming our way this year. Besides the introduction of Viego, there will be three other mysterious figures to join the Rift very soon.

Earlier in the video, fans watched the new League of Legends cinematic focused on the Ruined King’s return. Viego, a powerful jungler, is on his way to becoming the next new champion this month. Although he has yet to go live on the PBE server, Reav3 didn’t hesitate to give an inside scoop of the other three champions for later on this year.

The new League of Legends champions

Top lane’s newest mage

The first new champion is a mage that also ties into Viego’s return. This mysterious champion will be a magic damage fighter for the top lane. Since they are connected to The Ruined King’s storyline, it’s unknown whether their lore sides with Viego or with Senna and Lucian.

The artillery mage

The second champion is a “gloomy new artillery mage” who would rather be alone than with a group of friends. Reav3 states that she’s exhausted over the hyperactivity and skillshots on the rift. Hence, she might actually be a support champion that sits on the sidelines or has a longer-than-average range.

A new multi-position Marksman

Finally, the third champion is a marksman in a non-traditional position. It’s too early for more details, but Reav3 suggests looking out for a new “Sentinel of Light” in upcoming roadmaps. These kinds of champions have become very popular in LoL, especially after Senna and Seraphine were put out into the rift. Mid champions can work as supports, and supports can work out as mids, so having a new multi-positional champion on the roster might be something exciting for LoL players.

Unfortunately for fans, there are no other details on when these champions will release, but there are much bigger plans in store for the game. Reav3 mentioned some details on Riot’s plan to release as many champions as they did in 2020, so there is definitely much more to look forward to.

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