Riot targets Senna, Miss Fortune, and Aphelios with nerfs in League Patch 10.3

Three of the most prominent AD carries in League of Legends are taking a hit in Patch 10.3.

Traditional attack-speed ADCs have fallen out of favor in season 10, with champions like Kai’Sa, Caitlyn, and Tristana falling to the wayside in terms of solo queue and competitive play. Instead, caster ADCs have taken the mantle in the metagame.

Senna, Miss Fortune, and Aphelios have each quickly found themselves in the upper echelon of the bot lane, taking a high priority in the LCS, LEC, and solo queue. 

Senna has a 100 percent pick/ban rate in the North American league and Aphelios has a 90 percent pick/ban rate in the European league. Miss Fortune, on the other hand, has a 52.25 percent win rate in Platinum and above, one of the highest in the position. To counter their newfound dominance, these champs are set to receive nerfs in Patch 10.3. 

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