Riot targets Heimerdinger with nerfs in League’s latest micropatch

Riot Games is adding a few finishing touches to League of Legends in time for the new year and balancing the game with Patch 9.24b.

The upcoming micropatch, due to release next week, will focus on dragon buffs. And to coincide with the changes, a set of champions is getting tweaked, or in the case of Heimerdinger, nerfed. 

In the history of League, Heimerdinger has rarely been a prominent champion neither in solo queue nor competitive play. But he’s had moments of madness and appeared in the LEC and even Worlds on occasion. He’s never been dominant, but he acts as a cheesy pocket pick with the potential to shut down enemy laners.

Recently, he’s popped up on the radar and shot up the standings in solo queue, causing havoc in the platinum division and above. He’s nowhere to be seen in the mid or top lane, where you expect him to be. instead, he’s dwelling in the bot lane, countering weak laners and snowballing in the laning phase. His pick rate is on the low side, but in the case of win rate, he’s the highest in the AD Carry position with 53 percent.

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