Riot Games Initiates Legends of Runeterra Esports Program with Seasonal Tournaments

The full slate of Riot Games titles now officially have publisher-backed esports programs following the announcement of a new tournament system for the publisher’s digital card game Legends of Runeterra.

The game’s latest developer update video introduced the Seasonal Tournament model. The competitive season will begin on Oct. 14, with players in each region qualifying for a season-ending tournament either through success on the game’s ranked ladder, or through special “gauntlet” events wherein a player must win multiple games consecutively. On Dec. 5, Riot will hold a Last Chance Gauntlet as a final qualification opportunity before the tournament kicks off on Dec. 6. 

Details regarding prize money and tournament structure were not revealed. According to the announcement, this seasonal tournament model is Riot’s first step toward establishing a path to professional play within Legends of Runeterra. Riot will provide an update “at the start of next year,” regarding the future of esports competition for the game.

With this announcement, Riot Games now officially operates its own esports competition program for all four of its full-release titles. The company has moved from a single game and a single esport up to four games and ecosystems within the span of a single year.

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