Riot Games finally rewards Bin's Pentakill with a chest and key

If you have followed the 2020 League of Legends World Championship through the official Riot Games’ website streaming, you have probably received several “drops” as a reward for following the tournament there.

These drops were coming every time something special happened, and the rewards varied from Spotify playlists to League of Legends in-game rewards.

But there is one thing that happened during the World Finals between DAMWON Gaming and Suning that should have caused a drop that never became real.

During Game 2, Suning’s top laner, Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin, picked Fiora, a pick that surprised everyone, but also a comfort pick for the player, who performed an insane game with the champion, dominating the lane-phase and destroying the enemies fight after fight.

The game went so good that Suning easily won, evened the series, and made everyone doubt whether DAMWON was “the absolute favorite”.

Nevertheless, the missing drop was not about the unexpected victory, but about something that happened while the lions opened the enemy base: Bin’s Fiora got a Pentakill.

As Riot Games promised, fans would receive a special reward for the Pentakills performed during the World Championship, but when Bin got it, nothing happened.

This is why the company had to explain what happened through a Reddit post.

Apparently, there was a glitch with the drop which prevented our rewards to appear in our League of Legends loot page, so they had to re-drop it and now we should be able to find it.

Hey everyone! We had a glitch with the Penta drop at Worlds so we had to re-drop it. You should see it on your drops page if you were logged in, opted in, and watching on at the time. I also wanted to say that we’re listening to your feedback and hear you. While there are reasons for the challenges we had, we ultimately wanted to make something fun for Worlds during an unprecedented time and we’re going to make some changes for the better moving forward. I can’t thank you all enough for being part of the professional LOL scene this year and I hope we see you again for All-Stars and beyond“. – Riot5oda.

If you haven’t yet, log in to your League of Legends account and enjoy your reward! (you can share with us in the comments what you got).

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