Rebirth reanimates creature and aura in Theros: Beyond Death

Get a two-for-one reanimation with the new Theros: Beyond Death sorcery spell, Rebirth for Glory. 

Releasing on Jan. 24, Theros: Beyond Death focuses on the underworld of the returned plane with a heavy emphasis on reanimation from the graveyard. Rebirth of Glory plays into this theme by returning one or both to the battlefield from the graveyard: A creature, and or, an aura.

The THB spoiler was not printed in English but there is a  rough translation of it. 

  • Rebirth for Glory
  • 3WB Uncommon sorcery 
  • Choose one or both:
    • Return target creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield
    • Return target aura card from your graveyard to the battlefield

    Due to possible interpretations of the translation, there may be some confusion as to what the aura can legally enchant. According to the MTG rules, updated with the release of Throne of Eldraine, a player can choose a legal destination of a reanimated aura if the text doesn’t specify a target. 

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