Rainbow Six Siege’s Y4S4.3 full patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege’s first major update of 2020 is scheduled to come to PC on Jan. 28 and consoles on Jan. 29. But Ubisoft gave fans a preview of what’s coming by releasing the patch notes one day early.

The patch follows the direction taken in a previous Test Server update and will include a series of balancing changes to game mechanics and different operators.

This large update will usher in a new API for testing, increase ADS times across the board, and make changes to Blackbeard, Echo, Ela, Finka, Jäger, Maestro, Ying, Nokk, and Smoke. Here’s everything that’s coming with this patch.

Vulkan API

Ubisoft is introducing a new API for testing in Siege. The new interface will “improve performance on a number of levels” over DirectX 11.

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