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Mobile and PC game developing company, Plarium, announced a partnership with Natus Vincere and its esports teams. Plarium is a developer of mobile and PC games, with over 300 million users. As part of the partnership, Natus Vincere’s jerseys will feature RAID: Shadow Legends for the 2021 Competitive season. Also, RAID: Shadow Legends is adding in-game events, challenges, and other crossovers initiatives. The specifics on how the crossovers work, however, has yet to be revealed.

“I am happy to announce our partnership with Plarium,” says Oleksandr Pavlenko, the current CMO at NAVI. “NAVI’s partnership with the RAID: Shadow Legends brand promises opportunities for unique products and content at the crossroads of esports and mobile gaming. In the first quarter of 2021, we will be sharing more exciting details of our plans for RAID. I am sure this will be a bright year for both our brands: together, we will amaze and delight our fans.”

About Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere is a legendary Ukrainian esports organization with teams in various games, such as Counter-Strike, DOTA2, Apex Legends, and more. They have over 241 trophies and have some of the best talents in the global esports community. In the field of Counter-Strike, two Natus Vincere players, electronic and s1mple, fall in the top five of HLTV’s top twenty players of the year.

About Plarium

Plarium Global Ltd. is a game development company that creates various games, from RPGs to casual games. Their titles include RAID: Shadow Legends, Vikings: War of Clans, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, and the Stormfall franchise. Their games are not only available on iOS and Google Play, but also on PC through Plarium Play. Plarium is a subsidiary of Aristocrat.

Throughout 2021, keep an eye out for RAID: Shadow Legends crossovers with members of Natus Vincere. The new jerseys can also be seen during Natus Vincere’s Counter-Strike match tomorrow as part of the Blast Premier Global Final.

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