PSG.LGD blast through LBZS in the China DPC League Season 1

PSG.LGD would play their first series in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 League as they took on the formidable LBZS in what would be the only upper division series for the Chinese region today.

Having put on a great performance against Vici Gaming in their first showing at the China DPC 2021 League – although ultimately losing the series, LBZS still showed that they are not to be underestimated at all. However, after one difficult series, they were on to another as PSG.LGD were their opponents for today and the Chinese squad were looking to get their season off to a great start, much like EHOME and VG did two days ago.

Going into the first game of the best-of-three series, LBZS showed more of that brilliance that we had seen from them before – making sure that LGD were on the backfoot. However, even with a few early kills on Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Morphling, LBZS were not able to pull ahead and the experience of LGD’s roster begun to take over the game. It took only 27-minutes for the GG call to come out as LBZS hoped for a better second game. Unfortunately, things only got worse as LGD now had their footing and stomped their weaker opponent with no remorse.

This time it took only 23-minutes before they tapped out, managing only a total of eight kills in that time as LGD took a commanding 2-0 series victory. The win puts LGD right where they were expected, tied at the top of the log with both EHOME and Vici Gaming – with Elephant to play their first series of the season against Invictus Gaming in just a few days.

While LBZS are a closed qualifier team, they have already shown a lot of promise, although losing their first two series without a single game in their favour, nothing gets easier for them. Their next series will be against Elephant, considered to be the strongest team in the China region by many – but thankfully they will have quite a while to prepare as that series is scheduled for January 29th, one week from today.

headline photo courtesy of Perfect World

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