Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Gets A Dedicated Esports League

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is getting its very own esports league, and it starts this weekend at Frosty Faustings near Chicago.

The esports industry is growing at an exponential rate. It’s not just the big guns like Fortnite and League of Legends making money and drawing in fans, either. Some of the most popular competitive play in esports right now revolves around games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Super Smash Bros.

The fighting genre really lends itself to the competitive scene. It’s a genre almost as old as the video game industry itself, and thought it’s evolved, the basic premise has remained the same. A side-on view of two fighters going at it until only one of them is left standing. It’s really fun to be a part of, but also a lot of fun to watch the very best battle with each other.

A new competitor is about to enter the esports arena in that regard. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a fighting game that brings together the many generations of the Power Rangers franchise, allowing players to pit characters from the original series against ones from the modern-day show and a whole cast made up of everything and everyone that came in between.

nWay, Hasbro Interactive, and Lionsgate have teamed up to bring Battle for the Grid to the esports scene. Players will be able to compete in weekly online tournaments and monthly sanctioned local events. There will also be competitions held at conventions around North America in the coming months. The first event to feature Battle for the Grid will be this weekend’s Frosty Faustings near Chicago.

Players will have a number of ways to earn Grid Points. Come the end of the season, the seven highest-scoring players, plus the winner of a last chance qualifier tournament, will qualify for the finals. The finals will take place at Evolution 2020 in Las Vegas later this year. July 31/August 1 2020, to be exact.

For more information on Battle for the Grid‘s esports league and how to be a part of it, head to the game’s official site.

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