Pokémon might have accidentally leaked part of the Direct announcement on Twitter

Nintendo has a hard time hiding information around the time Directs are announced and The Pokémon Company is apparently no better, considering some of the information set to release in the upcoming Pokémon Direct might have leaked.

We already knew that the Direct was going to focus on Pokémon Sword and Shield, but now we seem to have an idea of at least one thing that will be shown during the presentation. 

In a now-deleted Tweet, the Play Pokémon account, which is used to talk about competitive aspects of the game and events posted an image that featured a Pokémon that is not available in Sword and Shield – West Sea form Gastrodon. 

PhillyBeatzU on Twitter

LMFAO Pokemon just tweeted out this picture which has pink gastradon buts its not available in the game so then they deleted it. 😂🤣

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