Overwatch’s Lunar New Year skins leaked

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It wouldn’t be the Year of the Rat without a little bit of stolen information. Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event begins tomorrow, Jan. 16, and numerous skins have been leaked before their official debut. Seven skins have been leaked so far, ranging from a festive Brigitte skin to a terrifying Moira costume. 

The official Overwatch Twitter page revealed two of the skins by including them as a part of their Lunar New Year header. Lúcio’s skin design is based on that of a Korean percussionist, according to numerous Twitter users. The skin is a nod to Lúcio’s love of music. Moira is given the garb of a Korean shaman within a performance. While the skin is colorful and festive, her mask is spooky. 

Naeri x 나에리 on Twitter

Overwatch Lunar New Year 2020 Event “Year of the Rat” New Skin Brigitte , Lucio, Moira, Sombra ? 오버워치 설날 이벤트 하얀 쥐의 해 새로운 브리기테, 루시우, 모이라, 솜브라 스킨

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