OG failed to qualify for its first CS:GO Major

GODSENT defeated OG 2-1 yesterday at the Europe Minor closed qualifier decider match.

With this result, OG won’t travel to Brazil to attend the Europe Minor, which guarantees two spots at the ESL One Rio Major New Challengers Stage in May.

The series against GODSENT was dramatic from the start. NBK- and crew lost on Train, their own map pick, by 16-3 as GODSENT cruised on their CT side. OG won Dust II next by 22-20 thanks to a superb performance from valde. The Danish rifler had 38 kills and only 24 deaths on the map.

The third and final map, Nuke, went the full distance and would likely have gone to overtime if it wasn’t for Kevin “kRYSTAL” Amend’s 200iq play. GODSENT’s in-game leader outplayed mantuu in the one-vs-one clutch as he silently dropped from heaven to catch the newcomer off guard and secure Rio’s ticket for GODSENT.

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