No Mei, no problems: Overwatch Hero Pools competitive meta

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This week, Overwatch’s first round of Hero Pools went into effect. Each week, four heroes will be “disabled” in competitive mode and players will be forced to work with what they have left. One tank, one support, and two DPS heroes will take the hit. This week, tank Orisa, support Baptiste, and DPS Mei and Hanzo are taking a vacation from Overwatch’s ranked mode. With a few of the most popular heroes in the game temporarily removed, we theorize what this week’s competitive meta might look like under Hero Pools. 

Dive is (kind of) back 

The prayers of Genji players everywhere were answered with this first week of Hero Pools. Mei and Orisa were two of the biggest obstacles to “dive” compositions, which focus on fast movement toward a specific target. Baptiste also stopped many of these compositions since his Immortality Field could save a dive target. With these three heroes disabled, dive is having a minor Renaissance. 

Players at all competitive ranks will likely see dive picks returning to their games. Winston and D.Va are the quickest tanks and, when coordinated, can dive a target together and eliminate them. Mercy and Lúcio are the default support choices, but Ana can also be played alongside Lúcio for additional healing. Quick heroes like Genji and Tracer are classic choices, but lower ranks will likely fill in with Soldier: 76, Doomfist, or sniper heroes. 

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