Ninjas in Pyjamas unveils first full team rebrand since 2000

Ninjas fight as one.

One of the oldest brands in esports will be making a huge change this month. Ninjas in Pyjamas announced today that it’ll be undergoing a complete rebrand, including the team’s logo, wordmark, jerseys, and a new color scheme.

NiP is one of the most iconic and recognizable organizations in esports, having been created two decades ago. The team is most known for its success in CS:GO and now has professional lineups in Rainbow Six, VALORANT, and FIFA.

Led by brand consultancy company Motto, this rebrand will change the overall identity of the team to a “futuristic, powerful, and mysterious” brand. The old shuriken logo, for example, has been modernized with cleaner, sharper edges while still retaining the recognizable NiP look.

The colorway of the team has changed from black, white, and gold to neon yellow, black, and gray. Brighter colors are meant to help them stand out among the newer esports brands that have joined the scene over the past few years.

The new jerseys reflect these changes as well, featuring Japanese Katakana on some of the clothing and neon yellow details across every new piece of merchandise. NiP’s branding across social media will also be changing, with new graphics to cover the org’s Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and official website.

NiP even had a Rainbow Six custom cosmetic made for Jager, one of the operators in the game, and a weapon skin for the 416-C Carbine. The current NiP weapon skins sport the darker colors of the team’s current color scheme, but these proposed new skins are a lot flashier in nature with the neon yellow.

You can check out all the changes on NiP’s official website.

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