Newzoo and Team Vitality Partner in Data Exchange

Newzoo, a provider of analytics surrounding games and esports, has announced that the company has partnered with the esports organization Team Vitality. The collaboration will see both companies exchange data and insights, that will help create an enhanced view of the ever-evolving esports market.

“We’re excited to welcome Team Vitality as a brand-new partner for Newzoo,” said Remer Rietkerk, Newzoo’s head of esports. “Over the past seven years, Nicolas Maurer and Fabien Devide have built up Vitality into a world-class esports organization that is highly appreciated locally and recognized on a global scale. We look forward to working together to continue breaking down the barriers in esports and contribute as a team to the growth of the market.”

The goal of the partnership is for Newzoo (which is part of Leaders Group, the portfolio of which includes The Esports Observer) to strengthen its esports market forecasts while Vitality will seek to further its understanding of the esports business space in various markets. Newzoo’s data-driven insights will help the team benchmark, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions.

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