New VALORANT Winterwunderland skin collection – prices & pictures

A brand new skin set has made its way into VALORANT as Winterwunderland debuts to add some holiday spirit. This unique set of skins lays out scenic winter images across each item.

Each individual gun skin will cost 1,275 VP, however, the melee skin is priced at 2,550 VP. Those interested in getting the whole bundle will be looking to pay 5,100 VP. This makes the Winterwunderland bundle part of the Deluxe Edition Tier which is somewhat surprising given the uniqueness of the set.

How unique? Well the skins literally change from day & night time scenes depending on how light or dark the area of the map you’re in is.

Valorant Art Lead Sean Marino stated that Riot, “really wanted to push the bar in terms of what we achieved with Nebula through some prototype testing of tech and shadows. That’s how we had the idea to set up the skin so that the scene would change from a daytime scene to a night scene based on whether you were in a lighter or darker portion of the map.”

Available Winterwunderland skins:


  • Ghost
  • Marshal
  • Phantom
  • Vandal
  • Melee






Melee (multiple colors)

Addition photos provided by @Valorleaks:





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