New United Artists Releasing Film, Wrath of Man, With Call of Duty Activation – The Esports Observer

In one of the most interesting film release activations to date, United Artists Releasing (UAR) will host a Call of Duty competition between a group of professional athletes and streamers ahead of the launch of Wrath of Man, the new action thriller directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jason Statham.

Today, at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT, and ahead of Wrath of Man’s Friday’s in-theater only release, 24 fans will get an opportunity to play Call of Duty: Warzone via Twitch with NFL Pro Bowlers Richard Sherman and Darius Slay, NBA All Star Karl Anthony-Towns and Luminosity Gaming’s Nicolas “NickEH30” Amyoony, Maria “Chica” Lopez, and Shivam “Shiv” Patel. The games will be played in Plunder Mode, with the goal of accumulating $1M in in-game cash within 30 minutes.

When the time runs out, the team with the highest amount of cash in their virtual banks will emerge as the winners. If a team reaches $1M in virtual cash or the timer elapses, a bonus round is triggered and after the two-minute cash grab, the team with the most money wins the game.

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