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Teamfight Tactics released in early 2019 to both critical and consumer acclaim, but it only had one game mode upon release. To this day, TFT still only has one game mode. However, Riot Games confirmed that a new Teamfight Tactics mode will come soon.

The game largely stayed the same throughout Sets 1-3. The only differences were the champions available and the themes. Set 4 promises to change this, however, with a brand new game mode releasing in early 2021.

“In addition to new sets, we are also working on other ways for you to engage with TFT,” Riot Games lead developer “GreenTeej” explained on an August 6 video. “We want TFT to be a place where there are multiple ways to enjoy—modes that better fit your schedule, no matter whether you are playing on mobile or PC. We’re looking at bringing one new TFT mode to you early next year.”

As of now, Set 4 will start in September. A couple of theories have surfaced regarding when in early 2021 the new game mode will appear. One is that it will roll out in January as a mid-set update. Another possibility is that the new mode will wrap up the Set in April.

We know quite a bit about Set 4, but we know nothing about what this new TFT mode could entail.

What about Spectator mode?

The video also discussed a bit about the upcoming Spectator mode, which Riot Games will unfortunately push to 2021.

“We’re still exploring Spectator mode as a way to improve the TFT viewing experience, and we know how important this feature will be, especially for those who like to watch TFT at a high level,” GreenTeej said. “We wanted to deliver that [in 2020], but we had to focus on other areas of the game first, like keeping up with the new set cadence, as well as the mobile release. We’re now clearing out space for this work to begin.”

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for any updates about this new game mode as well as Set 4!

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