New faction, Shadow Company, joining Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone in season 5

Season five starts Aug. 5.

Call of Duty fans will see a familiar faction in Verdansk soon. Shadow Company, an elite PMC that’s made previous appearances in the Modern Warfare series, is coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone in season five, Activision announced today.

Call of Duty released a new trailer showcasing Shadow Company and how they’ve broken away from the Armistice allegiance when it collapsed due to fighting between the Allegiance and Coalition. The new faction operates by its own rules and plans to take the fight directly to the enemy.

Shadow Company consists of new operators and veterans who have grown tired of the lack of progress from the Coalition. Rozlin “Roze” Helms was previously a part of the Jackals, a sub-group of the Allegiance faction, and is now a part of Shadow Company.

Roze is joined by Velikan and Marcus “Lerch” Ortega, the leader of the new faction. Lerch is a former U.S. Marine who had trouble adapting to civilian life when he returned home. He decided to enter the private sector and was considered a perfect choice by Shadow Company’s CEO.

Not much is known about Velikan, who dresses in full body armor to protect his identity. There are dozens of stories about his exploits in battle, however, and he’s one of Shadow Company’s deadliest operators.

Shadow Company first made an appearance in Modern Warfare 2 and was under the command of General Shepard. Shepard turned out to be the main antagonist of the game and used Shadow Company to betray Task Force 141.

Shepard wasn’t officially revealed in the teaser trailer, but the narrator sounds eerily familiar to the infamous character. It’s unclear if Shadow Company will still be at odds with Task Force 141 or if they’ll be allies in the new timeline.

General Shepard killed Ghost in Modern Warfare 2, so it’s possible the character could suffer a similar fate in Modern Warfare.

Season five of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare starts on Aug. 5.

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