mudgolems are one of two teams eliminated from the EPIC League Division 2

It was the first day of playoff action at the EPIC League Division 2 today, with a double-dose of eliminations to kick things off, with mudgolems and Winstrike Team losing their tournament lives.

After some amazing Dota 2 action from the EPIC League play-in stage yesterday, it was time for the first eliminations of the playoffs to occur as the Division 2 day begun with Mudgolems taking on Chicken Fighters. With CF being the ex-Ninja in Pyjamas squad, recently let go by the organisation – and mudgolems kicking their mid-lane player just yesterday, it was set to be a great series.

Utilising the Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau as a stand-in,
a player known possibly only for his time playing alongside Janne “Gorgc”
Stefanovski through The International 2019: EU Open Qualifiers with Bald.
However, today he would be thrown into the mix against the ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas
squad, who were going by the name of Chicken Fighters – but playing in-game as
Kaipi. Unfortunately for mg, they were unable to find their footing in game
one, with their stand-in on the Invoker which he is known best for but they would
make a valiant comeback in game two to tie the series.

With the series tied, mg went back to the Invoker and it
failed them once more as CF were able to blast through them and take a 2-1
victory. For mudgolems, that would mean that they are eliminated from the EPIC
League Division 2 – and this just a short time after they lost their mid lane

Alliance and Winstrike were the next two teams to play
today, with Alliance having suffered from some extremely poor performances throughout
their time in Division 1 group stage. However, today they had their first shot
at redemption and, hopefully for the team, would avoid elimination for a short
time. Going into the series we saw a rather quick game one, which was over in a
little under half an hour as Alliance dominated their opponents. Although a low-scoring
game, it was clear that Winstrike could not compete against a clearly strong

The next game of the series was no better for Winstrike as
they struggled to kill off a Linus “Limmp” Blomdin Sniper who ended the game at
18-0-12 and subsequently lost the series. For the relatively unknown squad of
Winstrike Team, their EPIC League Division 2 adventure comes to an end, while
Alliance would survive for another day.

Tomorrow we will see the upper bracket kick off in Division
2 at the EPIC League playoffs but there is still much more Dota 2 action to
come today as elimination now heads for the Division 1 teams in the lower

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