Moky wins Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Hax’s Nightclub S2E1

Kurtis “moky” Pratt won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Hax’s Nightclub S2E1 on January 2. It was the first online edition of Aziz “Hax” Al-Yami’s local tournament series. The event attracted 567 entrants from the East Coast.

Unsurprisingly, moky swept through pools without dropping a game. He kept up the pace in top 64, defeating Kevin “Bones” Emm 3-0. Afterward, moky advanced into winners side of top 8 by beating Matt “Polish” Warshaw 3-2 and Rhodes “Joyboy” Sabangan 3-0.

To kick off top 8, moky earned a 3-1 victory over fellow Ontario native Matteo Caglioti. He then beat Avery “Ginger” Wilson 3-2 in Winners Finals. Ginger bounced back in Grand Finals with a 3-2 win, but moky won the second set 3-1. As a result, moky claimed 1st place at Hax’s Nightclub S2E1.

Other results from Hax’s Nightclub S2E1

Jake “Jmook” DiRado Arvonio had a shocking run to 4th place at Hax’s Nightclub S2E1. En route to top 8, he upset Sasha “Magi” Sullivan, Isaac “bobby big ballz” P., and Zain Naghmi’s secondary Fox. In addition, Jmook defeated Bones in top 8, while losing to Ginger and Dawud “Aklo” Rahman. Though Jmook has had solid performances in Tristate before, he was previously little known outside of his home region.

Bones lost to moky early in top 64, but made an impressive losers run to finish in 5th place. He started his run by eliminating Logan “LSD” Dunn 3-1 and Reece “Golden” Economides 3-2. Then, Bones scored a streak of 3-0 wins over bobby big ballz, Dillon “Grab” Draper, Daniel Lotfy, and Joyboy.

Zain added to his growing repertoire of secondary characters by playing as Fox at Hax’s Nightclub S2E1. In the process, he made a run to 7th place. Zain defeated Grab, Caleb “Equal” Miller, Eric “Cannagar” Hercules, and Toussaint “2saint” Turnier at this event. Previously, he has entered online tournaments using Roy and Sheik, in addition to his main character, Marth.

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