MKLeo says he will switch back to a three main counterpick strategy for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Players change characters or add secondaries all of the time in fighting games to combat bad matchups or allow for a wider range of options to better respond to others in tournament brackets.

Leonardo “MKLeo” Lopez was the epitome of this approach when he became the best player in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and after his recent defeat at the hands of Tyler “Marss” Martins during the grand finals at Genesis Seven, he has decided to go back to that strategy. 

FOX | MkLeo ? on Twitter

Starting today ill go back yo what i was in smash4 ” a counterpicker. I had 3 mains back then (marth,cloud, bayo/mk) Obviously having a best character (joker) is the move but ill have 2/3 Trying byleth today to see how he is and also playing GnW.

Leo started playing Ultimate using Ike and Lucina as his mains before adding a mixture of Marth, Chrom, and Wolf into the mix once he felt that Ike wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t until Joker was released in April that the top player completely swapped off of his old mains and picked up The Phantom as his solo pick character for pretty much every tournament. 

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