Misfits Renews Fortnite-Focused Milk It! Partnership

Misfits Gaming Group has renewed its partnership with Milk It!, a children-targeted campaign in the U.S. The collaboration will again focus on Misfits Fortnite players and influencers, with digital content, events, and community meetups. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Milk It! is run by MilkPEP, based in Washington D.C., with funding from U.S. milk/dairy companies. It aims to increase milk consumption in the country, with marketing built around kid’s TV networks and YouTube, and grassroots events. The majority of Fortnite’s player base and audience are younger than other esports, with Newzoo reporting in 2018 that 53% are between the age of 10-25. 

The announcement noted that Misfits’ Fortnite content this year would include its “Misfit Story” mini-documentary series, coverage on the second Fortnite World Cup, and “sending players to The Olympics”—though details on this latter activity were not provided. Misfits’ Fortnite roster includes Cody “Clix” Conrod and Endre “Endretta” Byre, who both competed in the Fortnite World Cup main event in 2019.

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