Misfits Gaming re-signs Dan Dan as the team's starting top laner

Danny “Dan Dan” Le Comte will be sticking with Misfits Gaming for the 2020 League of Legends season, the organization announced today. But this time, he’ll be kicking off the year as the team’s starting top laner.

Last year, Dan Dan spent most of his time playing for Misfits’ Academy roster in France’s national league. That Academy roster was successful in 2019. They attended the LFL season finals and won the Spring European Masters.

Misfits Gaming on Twitter

Dan Dan is back back. #MSFWIN

The main Misfits roster, however, struggled throughout 2019. In the spring, the team finished in eighth place with an 8-10 record. They performed even worse in the summer, prompting the coaching staff and management to release a majority of its players and promote the entire Misfits Premier roster up to the LEC.

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