Millennials Top Gen Z for PC/Console Gaming in 2020

Millennials are leading the charge in 2020 to date for overall gaming on PC and console systems in the under-50 demo in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, France, Germany, and Poland, according to the latest data by Newzoo Pro. Making up 42% of the total gamers on PC and console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch), Millennials (ages 23-38) make up almost half of the gamers in the space. At less than half the participation, Gen Z (ages 16-22) was the next highest group at 20%. Both the oldest and youngest generations in the study, Gen X (ages 39-50) and Gen Alpha (10-15), made up 19% of gamers within the segment.

In breaking down each generation by lifestyle, Gen Alpha and Gen Z, the two youngest, are predominantly in some form of education. Those two generations, together, lead the way in console gaming at a 77% participation rate in their age group. PC, a more expensive way to game, is used by 51% of this age bracket. While Gen Xers matched the youngest generation at 51% for PC gaming, they came up far shorter in console gaming at only 66%.

The main factor for their lower numbers was the fact that their lifestyle mostly illustrates individuals with established careers. Similarly, but with different values, Millennials primarily hold full-time jobs (61%) and are starting families (45%). That generation, already established as the most gaming-intensive in this study, broke down at 75% for console and 56% for PC, making it the highest percentage of PC gamers in this review. Leading in PC gaming, the priciest gaming experience, is an unsurprising statistic for Millennials when considering they value gaming more than any other age group.

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