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The London Spitfire have signed Danish main support Kristian “Kellex” Keller, formerly of the British Hurricane, Toronto Defiant, and Boston Uprising. After a short retirement after leaving the Defiant, Kellex played under close friend and coach Mads “fischer” Jehg. However, when Fischer moved to coaching the Spitfire, it seems Kellex wanted to move up as well. This main support has been through a lot and will add experience and leadership to this new Spitfire roster.

Kellex’s path to the Spitfire

When it comes to veterans, Kellex has one of the longest competitive careers in the league. Ever since mid-2016, Kellex has been in tournaments trying to improve his skills. From Fragsters to Grand Danois and to Team Singularity, he has grinded a lot of this game. The original Boston Uprising saw that talent and picked him up for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. He was part of the best Boston Uprising roster to date, leading to a stage finals and third overall in the standings. However, that season would be his best in the league. He stayed with Boston for the second season, where they finished second to last. He then left the Boston Uprising, looking for a new team.

Kellex, playing for the Boston Uprising. Photo: Robert Paul for Activision Blizzard.

During his free agency, he played for Denmark at the World Cup. The teams performance surprised all, finishing much better than many people anticipated. So, when the Toronto Defiant were rebuilding their roster using a lot of veterans, they picked up Kellex. He played well, but still didn’t find success like he did for the original Boston roster. With his future looking bleak, Kellex retired from competitive Overwatch. This retirement lasted two months before he decided to give it one more shot, joining the British Hurricane. This team ended up being a true force to be reckoned with, winning a lot of tournaments. This included the European Gauntlet, the biggest competition in the region. With the rumors of the Hurricane all being promoted to the Spitfire roster, Kellex is the next one up.

London upgrading from within

Now it’s clear that the Spitfire will be using their Hurricane roster for the 2021 season. As this idea slowly forms into reality, it’s safe to say this should work better than previous years. Instead of just hoping teams you build have chemistry, you have one in contenders. Not only are they good as a team, they’ve won a lot. Winning that many tournaments against good teams is no joke, especially when some of those teams have players in the league as well. This applies to Kellex too, as joining the Spitfire will keep their connections intact. Hopefully, the British Hurricane form into the London Spitfire and show the league why they’re so good.

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