MAD Lions hunt down Fnatic, win LEC Match of the Week

The rise of the European rookies has begun in week four, with MAD Lions taking down Fnatic in convincing fashion for the LEC Match of the Week. The regular season standings are now all in disarray, with several top teams treading water in the middle of the pack.

This time around, it was the MAD Lions’ talented support and mid laner that helped push their team to the victory—Norman Kaiser had over 80 percent kill participation with 18 assists and two kills by the end of the game. Marek “Humanoid” Brázda was an assassin on Zoe, racking up six kills and 11 assists.

Meanwhile, Fnatic seemed disjointed in multiple teamfights and macro calls. Some players were out-of-sync during key moments of the match, and the roster seemed hesitant to commit to a few calls that ended up deciding the match against them.

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