MAD Lions bench top performer in Bubzkji – report

MAD Lions have moved Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen to the bench according to a report from The 21-year-old sees his position on the starting roster removed after the team exited in last-place from the cs_summit 6 Europe Regional Qualifier after failing to defeat PACT in the round of 16.

His performance is most likely not in question, however, as Bubzkji has been the top performer for his squad over the last three months. Clearly something wasn’t clicking on the team as the Asger “⁠AcilioN⁠” Larsen led lineup has elected to bench him. He helped propel the team to a first place finish in FLASHPOINT 1

The recent results leave MAD Lions with just one chance to earn points in the Regional Major Rankings as they have failed to do so in every previous attempt. MAD Lions will need to reach top-11 in order to earn access to the ESL One Rio Major.

The official benching and replacement has yet to be revealed at this time and with the way things have been going with Astralis, could Bubzji end up there? I guess we’ll find out.

MAD Lions CS:GO division:

-Frederik “⁠acoR⁠” Gyldstrand
-Fredrik “⁠roeJ⁠” Jørgensen
-Rasmus “⁠sjuush⁠” Beck
-Asger “⁠AcilioN⁠” Larsen

-Luis “⁠peacemaker⁠” Tadeu (coach)

-Lucas “⁠Bubzkji⁠” Andersen (benched)

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