LVL Reveals Partners Including Logitech G, NVIDIA, and Pringles

LVL, a gaming and esports center in Berlin, has revealed a number of commercial partners over the last week. Today, the hardware providers for the venue’s LAN center were announced: GPU manufacturer NVIDIA, PC hardware brand ASUS Republic of Gamers, and Boostboxx—the gaming shop of German computer retailer CSL-Computer. 

Previously it was announced that LVL-branded MAXNOMIC gaming chairs would be used in the venue, that Logitech G would be the official peripherals partner, and Kellog’s Pringles would be the official snack partner.

Financial terms for all partnerships were not disclosed.

LVL was created by VERITAS Entertainment, which intends to build a global network of venues that combine live esports with LAN gaming and content production. The company has raised $10M USD in funding from investors, including BITKRAFT Esports Ventures.

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