List of Astrological Signs’ Success in CS:GO Majors’ History

Spoiler: Geminis Rule the World!

Today, we have collected the most interesting stats especially for you. Maybe it will help you to determine if your son, daughter, younger brother or sister reach success at CS:GO Majors! Don’t take this piece too serious, though, as it takes a lot more to be a CS:GO winner than luck!

Overall, we have counted each player once, even if they won more than one Major.

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Players who were born under the Gemini sign are surely the most successful, as nine of the players were born with this sign. On the other hand, we can wish Capricorns much more luck in the future. There is only one player under this sign who won a Major tournament.

Full list:

  • Gemini – 9 Major winners
  • Taurus – 7 Major winners
  • Aquarius – 5 Major winners
  • Pisces – 3 Major winners
  • Saggitarius, Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Aries – 3 Major winners
  • Leo, Scorpio – 2 Major winners
  • Capricorn – 1 Major winner

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