Liereyy defeats Hera 4-3 in a tightly contested final to win Red Bull Wololo II

Red Bull Wololo II came to an end today with a winner not too many would have predicted – Liereyy! The Austrain, who has always shown a lot of promise but hadn’t won a 1 v 1 tournament before today, had his work cut out for him on the last day as he had to face TheViper in the semifinals and Hera in the grand final. But he showed everyone that he was up for the task, taking out TheViper 3-1 (bo5) and Hera 4-3 (bo7) in what turned out to be an amazing series for the the final.

The day started with Hera facing the Red Bull Wololo I champion, Mr_Yo. Hera found himself trailing 2-3, but took the next two games to take the series 4-3. In the second semifinal, Liereyy took a 2-0 lead against TheViper, but the Norwegian is know to make comebacks, and made it 2-1, showing he wasn’t going down that easily. But Liereyy kept his cool and did not let TheViper get the momentum to finish the series 3-1. The four who made it to the semifinals were the same ones who had made it to the top four of Red Bull Wololo I, but this time, both the former finalists were defeated.

In the grand final, Hera lead 2-1, followed by Liereyy leading 3-2, Hera pulling it back to 3-3 and Liereyy ending it on a very strong note with a very aggressive and short game to win 4-3. Here are all the maps and civilizations for the best of 7 grand final:

Game 1
Map: Arabia
Liereyy: Aztecs
Hera: Vietnamese (W)

Game 2
Map: Atacama
Liereyy: Slavs (W)
Hera: Burmese

Game 3
Map: Blockades
Liereyy: Indians
Hera: Saracens (W)

Game 4
Map: Cross
Liereyy: Lithuanians (W)
Hera: Huns

Game 5
Map: Frigid Lake
Liereyy: Britons (W)
Hera: Mayans

Game 6
Map: Kawasan
Liereyy: Teutons
Hera: Franks (W)

Game 7
Map: Haboob
Liereyy: Magyars (W)
Hera: Persians

After the final, Hera mentioned on his stream how the two of them (Hera and Liereyy) had trained together for this tournament and discussed meeting each other in the final. They recently played a bo21 over two days on Hera’s stream, which Hera won 11-10, showing how close the two players are. Liereyy mentioned that it could have been anyone’s win, and on this day, he was the one who came out on top. Liereyy takes home $8000 with the win while Hera will end up $5000 richer thanks to his second place finish.

With this, the players will now head into King of the Desert 3, which will be hosted by MembTV. It has been a while since 1 v 1 tournament was played on Random Map mode, so it will be a welcome tournament. A lot has changed in the AoE landscape in the past few months, and while TheViper dominated most tournaments until a few months ago, that isn’t the case anymore. The field is getting more and more competetive with each tournament and with $50,000 on the line for KotD 3, you can expect each and every player to bring thier best to the table. For now though, Liereyy can revel and bask in the glory of his Red Bull Wololo II win.

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