Leipzig Major, the Final 3: Statistics and Win Chances

Three teams stand tall on the last day of DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Majors. Read the article below to check the stats for
Team Secret, Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming.

Rank 1: Team Secret

By advancing first in grand finals, Team Secret is the main contender at the title.

Most picked heroes in the tournament:

Lich, Slark, Magnus and Earthshaker and Monkey King

Most banned heroes in the tournament:

Disruptor, Slark, Io, Batrider and Templar Assassin

Draft Style:

Repeats comfort picks. Offlane hero is never a greedy pick and always a space-maker.

Win Strategy:

Team fights. They don’t pick heroes that 100% win the lane and their major focus is on team fights and the synergy between their picks during a team fight.

Team Secret vs Vici Gaming:

8 matches have been played between them on the 7.23 patch and Secret holds the upper hand as they have won 62.5% matches against Vici Gaming. Lich will be the most contested hero between them and Io will most probably be banned.

Team Secret vs Evil Geniuses:

2 matches have been played between them on the 7.23 patch and Secret has lost both matches. Slark and Lich will be the most contested heroes between them.

Rank 2: Vici Gaming

Most picked heroes in the tournament:

Drow Ranger, Abaddon, Puck, Doom and Lich

Most banned heroes in this tournament:

Doom, Io, Omniknight, Timbersaw and Lich

Draft Style:

VG has a tendency to pick more healing heroes and durable mid hero. They stick to heroes strong in the meta and don’t pick any hero that is assumed weak in the patch even if he can be a counter-pick to any opponent hero.

Win Strategy:

Snowball and objective gaming. Their objective is to secure the lanes, take map control and keep up the pressure on the enemy.

Vici Gaming vs Evil Geniuses:

Vici Gaming has played 7 matches with Evil Geniuses and have a 71.5% win rate. It was VG that sent EG to the lower bracket in this tournament, hence they have an upper hand.

Rank 3: Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses gained a lot of experience from fighting through the lower bracket and are not a team to be underestimated.

Most picked heroes in this tournament:

Tiny, OD, Slark, Lich and Enchantress

Most banned heroes in this tournament:

Omniknight, Doom, Viper, Io and Disruptor

Draft Style:

EG likes variation in their draft and they don’t tend to repeat heroes against different teams. They think of a particular strategy for a particular team and draft according to that only.

Win Strategy:

EG has a relaxed approach to the laning stage in which like they secure the farm on their core heroes first and if they succeed to that, they play extremely aggressive.

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