Leipzig Major: beastcoast deliver the most unconventional draft to take out Nigma

The WePlay! Bukovel Minor Champions, Team Nigma got eliminated from the Leipzig Major only on the 9th-12th place by beastcoast, who displayed a lot of versatility and willingness to take risks in order to keep the SA Dota hope alive in the tournament.

Nigma started the series on the wrong foot, being taken by surprise by a mid lane Broodmother. They were planning for the long haul and the big team fights with Phantom Lancer, Outworld Devourer and Chen. But beastcoast, who actually struggled in the early laning stage, messed with Nigma’s game past the 15-minute mark, when Brood got her Orchid and was able to focus down its targets. Game two went into the Minor Champions favor, but not with ease. It went back and forth for the most part, until Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi took full control on his Phantom Lancer.

Despite the victory, Nigma chose to let aside the PL in game three, the hero wasn’t picked or banned, and beastcoast seized the opportunity to lay down an interesting trap for their much more experienced adversaries. They picked Disruptor and Winter Wyvern in the first round of the draft and patiently waited to see what Nigma was planning. They’ve managed to counter three of the Nigma’s most important heroes with a Legion Commander and a last pick Nyx Assassin, while they went with a carry Faceless Void and sent the Disruptor in the mid lane.

Although Nigma realized the hard counters for Batrider, they were still pretty confident in their team fight and the healing power to survive through magic damage and took the bait every time beastcoast were going aggressive. Buybacks were expended, diebacks happened and bit by bit, Nigma was just witnessing a pretty weird Dota 2 game, where three supports were just running over them, outplaying the TI9 runners up.

While for Nigma is time to go back to the drawing board, for beastcoast the Major continues in the lower bracket round where they will be playing against the winner of Invictus Gaming versus Team Aster.


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