Legia Warsaw announce the Legia Esports Cup 2016

Legia Warsaw have announced the Legia Esports Cup 2016, a FIFA 17 tournament planned for the weekend of 5-6 November.

This is the first esports tournament by the Polish club and looks set to take a similar format to that held by West Ham recently which featured players from Man City, Sporting CP, Hashtag United, Schalke 04 and Wolfsburg.

Each of these is expected to feature in the Legia cup with the addition of PSG, Ajax and Valencia. Moreover this tournament will also feature tournaments in titles outside of FIFA 17

James Szumielewicz, Vice President of Legia Warsaw, said: “We will compete with the official esports teams of leading European football clubs. I am very pleased that we will be hosting this event.”

He continued: “We are proud that with we are now able to officially inaugurate the business section of esports for Legia Warszawa.”

Victor Brick, Marketing Director of Legia Warsaw, commented: “This is the result of many months of effort, consultations and dialogue with the representatives of clubs who want to start working in the area of esports. The tournament will also be a workshop with the participation of specialists of esports, marketing and social media representing all clubs participating in our competitions, during which we will be discussing the future, the role and form of participation of traditional sports organisations in this new space for them.”

Legia also revealed that it would be announcing its own FIFA pro in the near future, in addition to detailing its overall strategy in esports. The Legia Cup has been organised incooperation with esports agency Qwatti. 

The winner stands to win a €3,500 (£3,119) prize. 

Esports Insider says: Legia seemingly have significant ambitions in esports, the details of this will be revealed either prior to or at this Legia Cup scheduled for the first weekend of November. 

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