League of Legends: Riot Release Sett along with New Info about Volibear and Fiddlesticks Reworks

Riot gives us a glimpse at Champions and releases for 2020.

Riot Games continued their week of news for 2020 with a look at the two upcoming champion reworks starting with Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks is a champion that will deliver on the horror thematic; the kit revamp will focus on fear as a mechanic and theme. As for Volibear, he will be more savage; the Eldritch Horror concept will not make it into the champion rework, but it will be released as a skin. The skin will be given to anyone that owns Volibear or buys him during the patch for free after this period this will become a purchasable skin.

Riot also teased a new champion that has previously appeared within the official lore. There will be a major event in the summer that involves two champions, one is a jungler that will “Blossom”, the other is a masked stranger that “refuses to die.” There will be more champions released this year that will be teased and shown in future champion roadmaps.

Sett “The Boss” has been released today. He is League’s new Juggernaut from the Ionian region. Players who received “Sett’s calling card” will be able to unlock the champion for free at launch.

What rework are you most excited about? Who do you think will be the new champion after Sett? Stay tuned to ESTNN for more news and information on everything to do with League of Legends.

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